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MOONYyy!! WHYyyy!!!!

Complete in:

o randomness
o madness
o Sassy Time Machiness and
o Alternate Dimenionessness

okay, check and ckehk. Luks gud. Key'p it up m8.

ps, whens the sequal coming out? I'm dying to knwo what happens next!

Jeyy, jow are you today? &E brought me here nstuff

okayy, liked the humor. gud animation (and gud animutation in some areas). The pop-up-as-you-need-it buttons for pausing and backing up or forwarding was really great... I had to go to the bathroom, really, really bad mid-way through and was relieved to find a pause button, so I didn't have to miss anything important (and I'm not just saying that).
After watching this...
Here are the possible things I may repeat cos of Baaaaah, w/in the next few days:

"I know me better than I know myself." x1

"Bxtch, why wait?" x2

"brought to you by heroin" x3

"No one has rocked a hitler-stache ever since." x2

"Kaiser of Bell-Aire" x2

...ur the best. Keep it up, N'stuff.

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PiGPEN responds:

Kaaaaayyyy, n'stuff.

Mundy, Mundane. Uh huh. Yep. Hahaa, surre. Yep...

Heyy &E sure liked this and, of course, so did I; cos we both have the same taste in tastless flash!!! This may be a little cliche but, "All my 5 are belong to this!!11oneoneexclamationpoint"

P.S. Gud luck avoiding more stealage. (I'll be checking out your shit on DA)

Characters Remaining: 3,798

I like it.

No, Really.

Haven't heard Biznatch for a while.

Pretty funny stuff. Keep it coming :)

Snakes sometimes wear pants.

zzZZzzz. *alarm* I woke up, cos the alarm went off. Then I got out of bed and put some clothes on, cos my roommate doens't like me nude. Then the phone rang... I was screening my calls so the machine picked it up. It was my "friend" Shawn. He said "Yo, davida, I thought you was gonna play wit myyyy Frog!" Then ramble on, and on, and on. I scratched my ass then went to get a bowl of cereal, but there was no milk. I already poured the cereal, so there layed a bowl of cereal with no milk. I watched my roommate as she watched that stupid dr. phil show and laugh. hahahahahahha, lol ^_^ I went work, and lifted a bunch of boxes for a while. "BLUuuuuu!" My co-workers would scream, at the top of they lungs. All I wanted was a mih and a beer. So, when I got home I smoked and drank. It was good. I waited impatiently, but then my friend Oondy came over and he drank beer with me (hold on, I need one now).... ok. So, anyway, Oondy and I went to Jed's and drank a "Roofy's Bomb" and a "Skittle Bomb" and hit on the waiteress, she was really hot! Smoking. Then I rambled, then Oondy rambled, then drank some more, then went home and beat the crap out of each other. Teh end.

The madness.

Altho that would be convenient... he was playing the guitar, using his damn cock. Wtf?! Madness, complete madness. lawl.

TremcladClock responds:

Wow, thanks for the zero.


Booooooooooooooooooooooo. Enough said.

The Madness.

The utterly, complete madness. I like it.:.

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By the looks of things everyone is sucking your d¡ck for a reason.. Here's my slob on the ole' knob to you!

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